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I have been in the screen printing apparel business for 11 years and one of the things customers rely on is my expertise for is picking the perfect t-shirt. A great quality graphic and screen print only go so far- but finding the perfect shirt for your print is key. There are hundreds of brands and styles, so where should you begin? The first thing to consider is your budget. If you have a maximum budget per shirt you can spend start there to narrow down your search. I like to narrow down the t-shirts by the materials they are made from.

100% Cotton (what I call your basic t-shirts):

Good examples of these shirts include Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Jerzees, and more. These are inexpensive options that you probably have sitting in your closet. Great for Field Day Shirts, Give Away Shirts, Fundraiser Shirts, etc. The fit is unisex and there’s a wide range of color options.


Villa Rica Lady Wildcats State Championship Shirt

50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend:

Good examples of these brands include Gildan Dry Blend, Jerzees Dri Power, Hanes Eco Smart. These are great options for landscape company shirts, 5K race t-shirts, construction crew t-shirts, and people who are outside working. They cost slightly more than a basic cotton shirt, but are much more breathable.

Berry College Half Marathon Shirt


Ringspun Cotton Shirts:

Ringspun cotton is simply a way of saying “softer cotton shirt”. The yarn is spun in a way which creates longer softer strands. They don’t have the rough texture you would feel on a basic cotton t-shirt. This also creates a smoother print surface, which allows for a better screen print. Examples of ringspun cotton brands include Gildan Soft Style, Bella Canvas, Next Level, Comfort Wash by Hanes, Comfort Colors. These shirts are great for retail stores and anyone looking to step up their look without breaking the bank. Examples include: Brewery t-shirts, sorority and fraternity shirts, fundraiser t-shirts, VBS T-Shirts, and more!

Schoolhouse Brewing Shirt

Triblend Shirts:

Also a popular choice when picking your perfect t-shirt is the Triblend shirts, which are made up of 3 different materials (50% polyester, 25% ringspun cotton, 25% rayon). Triblend shirts are our most expensive shirts (along with pigment dyed shirts) and also our softest selling shirt. Some popular brands include Next Level Apparel & Bella Canvas. These are primarily used for the following: brewery t-shirts, private label accounts (like His Word Clothing), 5K/10K/Half Marathon Race Shirts, and boutiques looking to retail custom printed t-shirts in their store. We rarely use these for large run orders such as Field Day Shirts.

Hutton & Smith Brewing Company

100% Polyester Shirts:

Also known as dry fit or moisture wicking shirts. Popular brands of polyester shirts include Team 365, Badger Sportswear, & Augusta Sportswear. These shirts are primarily used for athletic events (Sports teams, 5K Races, Landscape Uniforms, Construction Crews, and even Field Day Events). This shirt will not shrink which is an added bonus for people using them for work uniforms.


Watters Landscaping

There are other styles and brands of t-shirts that we screen print every day, but these will get you well on your way to picking the perfect shirt for your next event. Before you settle for the wrong style of shirt- check with your sales representative to go over all the available options and pricing.

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